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This table provides an overview on which license types are available and which specific prerequisites, terms and regulations apply. Please contact us if you are missing certain details or have any further questions.

These basic types of PHOTOSS licenses are available:
Demo Demo licenses are available for free, but may not be used for any other purpose than the evaluation of PHOTOSS. The demo version is not time limited, but restricted to a maximum of four network components, and does not include certain components such as the MATLAB® programming interface, file loader, or file saver. You may request a demo version via our contact form.
Commercial Commercial licenses may be purchased by any customer and may be used for commercial purposes without restrictions. Commercial licenses may be either temporary or permanent (see below).
Academic Academic licenses may only be purchased by non-commercial research and education institutions (such as universities or schools), and may only be used for non-commercial research and education purposes. Academic licenses may be either temporary or permanent (see below).
Note: In order to use PHOTOSS for any other purpose, you need to purchase an according number of commercial licenses regardless of whether you are an academic customer or not.
Temporary Temporary licenses are for rent rather than for sale. They become invalid when the rental expires and are paid on a yearly basis (unless specified otherwise). Similar to a subscription (see below), temporary licenses include update supply by email. Commercial temporary licenses also include email support.
Permanent Permanent licenses do not expire and do not include subsequent updates, with the exception that a commercial permanent license includes a one year subscription (see below).
These options are available for permanent licenses:
Subscription A subscription covers update supply over the internet.
Commercial subscriptions also include email support.
A subscription is typically paid on a yearly basis (unless specified otherwise).
Note: In order to start a subscription, all of your permanent licenses need to be updated to the latest version. You need to purchase as many subscription licenses as you totally own permanent PHOTOSS licenses.
Updates Updates move existing PHOTOSS licenses to a newer version, e. g. from PHOTOSS 5.91 to 5.92.
Note: You need to purchase as many update licenses as you totally own permanent PHOTOSS licenses.
Upgrades Upgrades are "major updates" between different upgrade levels, e. g. from PHOTOSS 4.x to 5.x.
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