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PHOTOSS is a simulation software for the design and analysis of fiber optic point-to-point links and transmission systems on the physical layer. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface that makes it easy to set up photonic network with just a few mouse clicks. The flexible component library includes a large number of simulation models and pre-defined parameter sets, and can easily be extended by user-defined components with customized parameters. A number of component models are provided at different levels of complexity. Choose physical models to gain deep insight in the phenomena that influence a transmission, or simplified models for a quicker simulation of components that you don't focus on.
The embedded programming interface enables the integration of user-defined component models and simulation algorithms with full control over their respective parameters.

Product Notes


PHOTOSS is designed to assist optical engineers and scientists in the design and analysis of photonic transmission systems. While it offers a rich set of features and tools to simplify and automate related tasks, it cannot replace the users' expertise in evaluating and verifying calculation results, as these may strongly depend on the users' understanding and choice of simulation models, algorithms, and parameter values. Note that a complex software might also suffer from programming bugs in certain scenarios.

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